Saturday, May 03, 2008

Lord, Hear our Prayers

As a community of faith, we regularly pray for one another. Please keep the following persons in your prayers.
Mark Smith and family, Kathy Hunt, Joy Newberry, Jerry Hunt, Eloise Lankford, Jamie Wright, Cheryl (Elkins) Arnold, Beth George, Leon Richmond, Eunice Zenz, Pat Wendorff, Don Frost.

If you desire prayer or would like to add someone to the prayer list, please contact the church office at 637-3734 or e-mail the church at

Angel Food Ministries Distribution Day

What a blessing this ministry has been! In three months time we have seen many people in our community take advantage of Angel Food and we look forward to continuing this ministry for a long time to come.

On Saturday, May 17th distribution of the May Angel Food orders will take place from 10:30 a.m. until 12:00 noon at the Fellowship Hall. As a host site, we are still learning how to best get the orders out quickly and efficiently. As a help to our volunteers, please try to bring your receipt when you pick up your order and don't forget a big box, tub, or laundry basket to place your food items in.

We hope to have some of our student athletes from WHS assisting us in carrying your orders to your car. On distribution day you may also place your Angel Food order for the following month.

This ministry has proven to be as fun as it is helpful and we are blessed to be able to provide this for our community. For more information about Angel Food you may contact the church office at 479-637-3734.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Daylight Savings Time Begins

Don't forget to set your clocks forward one hour on March 9th.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Lenten Luncheons

The community Lenten luncheons will begin this Wed., Feb. 13th. Our church will host the first luncheon, which will begin at 12:00 noon in the Fellowship Hall. Let's share our hospitality and love with our community as we gather to feed both body and spirit.

The schedule for remaining Lenten luncheons are:
Feb. 20...St. Jude's Catholic Church
Feb. 27...First Baptist Church
Mar. 5....Assembly of God Church
Mar. 12...To be announced

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Season of Lent: The Significance of These 40 Days

As United Methodists we observe Lent as a special time in the church year. But for those new to the faith or for those who have never really understood Lent, the following may add understanding and appreciation for this sacred season.

Lent is a time of repentance, fasting and preparation for the coming of Easter. It is a time of self-examination and reflection. In the early church, Lent was a time to prepare new converts for baptism. Today, Christians focus on their relationship with God, often choosing to give up something or volunteering and giving of themselves for others. The forty days represents the time Jesus spent in the wilderness, enduring the temptation of Satan. Sundays in Lent are not counted in the forty days because each Sunday represents a "mini-Easter" celebration of the Jesus' victory over sin and death.

Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of the season of Lent. It is a day of penitence and remembrance of our sins of the past and our ultimate mortality. Palm branches are usually burned and the sign of the cross is placed on the forehead using the ashes. Sometimes a small card or piece of paper is distributed on which each person writes a sin he wishes to be rid of. The cards are then brought to the altar to be burned along with the palm branches. The ash cross is an outward sign of our sorrow and repentance for sins.

We invite you to join us for the
Ash Wednesday Service
on February 6th at 6:30 p.m.

As we embark on this season of Lent, let us take time to ponder it's meaning in our lives. If you would like more information on Lent, please visit

Monday, January 21, 2008

Coming Soon...Angel Food Ministry

A planning meeting was held to discuss a new opportunity for ministry and outreach in our community. Angel Food Ministries is a non-profit, non-denominational organization dedicated to providing grocery relief and financial support to communities throughout the United States. Angel Food is available in a quantity that can fit into a medium-sized box at $30 per unit. Each month's menu is different than the previous month and consists of both fresh and frozen items with an average retail value of approximately $60. Generally, one unit of food assists in feeding a family of four for about one week or a single senior citizen for almost a month. The food is all the same high quality one could purchase at a grocery store. There are no applications to complete or qualifications to which participants must adhere. Angel Food Ministries also participates in the U.S. Food Stamp program, using the Off-Line Food Stamp Voucher system.
Those attending the planning meeting were excited about this ministry and voted to apply to become a host church for Angel Food. Paige Bethel has completed the necessary paperwork to become a host church, so now it's just a matter of time until we can begin. Tell your friends and if you would like more information regarding Angel Food Ministries or to take a look at a sample menu, go to