Monday, October 31, 2005

If interested---rules for the million dollar shopping spree

This game is played at the mall--You don't have to have any money, just a pad of paper, a pen, and willingness to have fun.

Participants split into teams and go around the mall, looking for the most expensive items. They can write down 3 items from every store on their pad along with how much that item costs. They also get 3 "at large items" that can be a fourth or fifth or sixth item at a particularly expensive store. Teams try to rack up the largest expenses--whoever "spends" the most, wins. Our winning team were able to find $150,000 worth of items at the mall. It's harder than you think to spend $1million!

IF you want to try and incorporate a lesson into the fun, themes can range from materialism and simplicity to the "pearl of great price."


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