Monday, June 26, 2006

Introducing Our New Pastor and Family

Written by the Rev. Lynn McClure for the May 2006 Newsletter at the request of the church.

To the people of Waldron United Methodist Church:

I was excited to hear of my appointment to Waldron United Methodist Church. Thank you to everyone for the early welcome through email and phone calls. I am greatly anticipating the opportunity to serve among you and with you in the Waldron community. My husband, Gene and I feel this will not only be an excellant appointment for me but a wonderful experience and community for our children.

I call myself a transplanted Arkansan. Though born in Elkhart, Indiana, I have claimed Arkansas as my home since age 10. I have a strong belief in prayer and love to sing and play music though I may not be very good. I enjoy the outdoors, small hikes and being in or near water. There is something so very special about the symphony of sounds I hear when in the woodsw or at water's edge that brings to me a taste of God's green grace that renews me.

My husband, Gene is a paramedic currently with LifeNet out of Texarkana, working at the DeQueen post. He loves to travel, attend sporting events, and listen to music. Gene feels his work is also a calling like my ministry. I whole-heartedly agree. Gene has his sisters & their families in Conway and my only brother lives and workds in the San Diego area. All of our parents have entered the Church Triumphant. My father passed in late August of cancer but his wife still lives in the Mtn. Home area and we love her dearly.

Gene & I have three children. Callie-Anne, age 19, is a fine arts student at the University of Central Arkansas. She is preparing to be a studio photographer. Trey, age 15, is currently a ninth grader with a zest for life, especially as he was the school mascot (the blue darter AKA The Bird) for the past two years at Lockesburg High School. Trey loves to skateboard, listens to music and recently recieved Life Rank in Scouting. He will be working on his Eagle rank. Kenna is 8 years old and currently in 2nd grade. She's been involved in Scouting over the past three years as a Daisy and a Brownie. Kenna loves books, writes her own books and also loves life. Both Trey and Kenna have been on the area swim team, the DeQueen Dolphins.

Again, we are looking forward to our move to and ministry in Waldron. May grace and peace go with Nathan, Lara and Wesley as they prepare for thie move to Oklahoma. Godspeed to you all.

Grace & Peace to all of you at Waldron UMC
Pastor Lynn A. Lewis McClure


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